‘About time’ ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Is Officially Back Filming (Video)

Jenelle Evans was fired from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ back in 2019 and hasn’t made a comeback yet.

Jenelle’s replacement for TV


Jenelle’s time on TV was always plentiful, between her and the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’, she’s always had time to express herself properly.

But now that’s she no longer allowed to film ‘Teen Mom 2’, Jenelle finds other mediums to update her fans on recent happenings.

She mainly communicates through social media accounts, Instagram and TikTok. The closest the fans can get to the ‘Teen Mom’ experience with Jenelle is probably her channel on YouTube.

Jenelle is back filming


The ex ‘Teen Mom’ star returned to filming content on her YouTube channel after several weeks of pause. Jenelle is now back being active on the platform where she has over 211,000 subscribers.

Although her ‘reach’ might not be the same as on MTV’s platform, she is likely to grow the channel over time and could one day have millions watching her.