Amber Blasts Kristina & Ex Gary Shirley, ‘Kristina is not nice, she’s quiet’

It’s no secret that Amber isn’t having the best time of her life at the moment and she decided to open up to her fans.


Amber started a live stream on Instagram and answered some of the questions and allegations from the most recent ‘Teen Mom: OG’ episodes.

Amber’s take on things


Amber has gone off on Instagram and talked about many things that are happening in her life currently. Among those, she talked about Leah’s relationship with Gary & Kristina.

She claimed that her daughter only appreciates Kristina because of the financial incentive. Amber talked about how Kristina takes Leah to Starbucks and buys her thousands of dollars worth of clothes, she also mentioned the Disneyland trip they took.

“Kristina doesn’t do anything for Leah. What does she do? She doesn’t do anything,” Amber said on the live stream.


Adding that, “Leah wanted to live with me until they went to Disney World.”


As for her own dedication to being a good mother, Amber said the following: “I give plenty of love to my children. I know how my daughter feels, don’t tell me how my daughter feels. I’ve talked to my daughter without cameras a couple times.”

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