Amber’s Ex-Boyfriend Matt Baier Is ‘Single And Ready To Mingle’

If you’re not familiar with who Matt Baier is, then you definitely didn’t tune in to watch MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’ in the period of 2016-18.


Matt’s relationship with Amber


Amber and Matt’s relationship began to form in 2014 when they got acquainted to each other via the popular social media platform Twitter.

It was later revealed that Matt didn’t only pursue Amber, but two other ‘Teen Mom: OG’ stars as well. (Farrah and Jenelle.)

Matt was successful in his pursuit and eventually met Amber in person, where they kicked it off.

Matt moved to another state (Indiana) to be with Amber and they were living together all the way up to their split.
The split happened in 2017 when it was revealed that Matt was mostly lying to Amber, for various reasons.


He even undergoes a test to prove his loyalty to Amber, which he failed at.

Matt is single again


After splitting with Amber, Matt had found another woman to call his own. Not even months into dating, Matt proposed to a woman called Jennifer and they were married for the time being.

The relationship didn’t last long and Jennifer Baier filed for divorce in 2020, leaving Matt single again.

The ex ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star is currently single but it’s unclear if he’s seeing someone or not.