Banned ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Jenelle Evans And David Eason Look Unrecognizable In Latest Photo

Jenelle and David Eason are no longer filming for MTV’s hit series but the fans have an alternative way of following their lives: social media.


Jenelle & David’s social media presence


Even though they were fired from MTV’s show for controversy, the couple is still being followed by a ‘ton’ of people online.


Jenelle has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram while her husband’s Instagram following currently sits at 403,000+.

It definitely seems like Jenelle is still very much enjoying the presence of fans in her life as she often shares new content online.

The couple looks different in latest photo


The latest photo of the couple appeared on Reddit where fans speculated that they look different from before.

The couple was photographed with a wine cellar backdrop that highlighted their facial features that look slightly different, so it seems.


“What bothers me the most is the VERTICAL LINE of demarcation in the center of her head,” a fan commented.

“The truth is, this could be the best picture ever, but these two are ugly on the inside, so it’s reflected on the outside,” another one wrote.

But there’s one fan who thought that the lighting was not in the couple’s favor.

“I’m gonna be the bad guy here and say that the lighting is indeed not exactly in her favor, nonetheless, it’s not entirely the lighting’s fault,” the fan said.