‘Botched’ Chelsea DeBoer Accused Of Doing ‘Work’ On Her Face, ‘She looks 50’

As Chelsea is no longer filming for MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, the fans have to resort to her social media to get a daily dose of the mom.

Chelsea’s impressive following


Chelsea DeBoer as of now is the most popular cast member of ‘Teen Mom’, or as it happens, an ex-cast member.
Her current Instagram following sits at just over 6.3 million followers, which is impressive even by Hollywood standards.

The mom is clearly followed by a ton of ‘Teen Mom’ fans but also by a lot of mainstream folks.

Chelsea’s face in latest photos


As years progressed, many of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast resorted to getting ‘work done’, mostly for aesthetical reasons. Chelsea hasn’t really expressed any desire to get anything ‘enhanced’ but fans suspect things have changed.


In her latest photos, fans noticed that Chelsea’s face looks somewhat different.

With many of the fans pointing out things about ‘work’ being done, it’s unclear if Chelsea had actually done anything.
It’s most likely the lighting of the photo combined with makeup and possibly app filters.

“She looks about 50,” one fan commented.