‘Breaking Bad’ Briana’s Mom Roxanne Provides Heartbreaking Update

Briana and her family have been regular on the ‘Teen Mom 2’ show for quite a while. The segments are filmed in Florida, where Briana lives with her family.

Briana’s current life


Briana recently broke up with her boyfriend Javi Gonzales and it’s unlikely they will come back together again. Besides filming the show, Briana spends her free time with her family and she is also present on the popular media platform ‘OnlyFans’.


The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star vowed not to post any explicit content but she promised that she’ll be doing other things instead.

She recently announced her return to the platform with a selfie on Instagram stories, “@onlyfans”.
Briana’s OnlyFans isn’t a cheap subscription, it costs $12 per month to subscribe.

Briana’s mom gives an update


Briana’s mother Roxanne took to Instagram in order to clear up the air after the incident that took place while filming.
MTV gathered up a few girls from ‘Teen Mom 2’ and they decided to make a new show, but it didn’t turn out well.

Apparently, Briana, Brittany, Jade, and Ashley got into a fight and the former had to be extracted from the place.

“Do not show up with cameras at my house,” Roxanne clearly sent a message to the network.

Adding that, “…I’m out”.

Despite not being directly involved, Briana’s mother appears to be done with filming the show and is unwilling to forgive MTV.