Briana DeJesus Reveals Her Daytime Job

It’s no secret that the ‘Teen Mom’ star gets paid for her appearances on ‘Teen Mom 2’. But when it comes to revealing what she actually does for a living outside TV, it’s been little to no information on that matter until now.


Briana gave the fans a hint on what she does to get paid outside of her TV gig and we’re quite intrigued by it.

Briana’s day job revealed


A few years back, it was revealed that MTV paid Briana around $20,000 for her first and/or second season on the show. It would be foolish to assume that the MTV gig is her only source of income as she revealed that it definitely isn’t.

Although her ‘Teen Mom 2’ salary has increased throughout the years, it’s still normal for Briana to have a day job.

So what exactly does she do to make a living?


Well, Briana has elaborated that she works in the “timeshare” industry.


Moreso, she explained that she deals with “the backend of it.”

In case you’re wondering what the “timeshare” industry stands for, simply put, it’s “vacation ownership.”

Individual property is set out for shared ownership and use of vacation accommodations. It’s actually quite a big industry in the US – $10.5 billion type of big.

According to Payscale, Briana’s salary could weigh in anywhere between $40,000 to $90,000 per annum.