Chelsea DeBoer Is A Pro Heavy Lifter And It’s Impressive (Photos)

The fans have gotten to know Chelsea pretty well over the past decade she’s been on TV, but some of her hobbies still strike as a surprise.

Chelsea’s weight loss journey


“I’m happiest when I’m healthiest,” the mom revealed.
After having each and every one of her kids, Chelsea was dedicated to getting a slim figure again through a weight loss journey. She documented this journey over on social media and some of her tips are really helpful.

For the most part, Chelsea attributes her impressive weight loss success due to ‘Profile Sandford’. She’s been partnering with the company to promote a healthier lifestyle and more accessible weight-loss journies.

Chelsea’s gym routine


As a part of her weight-loss journey or even a healthy lifestyle, Chelsea makes sure she doesn’t miss her gym appointments.

She also seems to be very familiar with liftings tons of weight.