Chelsea DeBoer Supports A Small Business In A Heartwarming Video

Chelsea has been recently designing her own home and the process went smoothly. She decided to outsource some of her design and eventually ended up helping a small business.


Small business owner delighted by the support


A small business owner was delighted and joyful that the ‘Teen Mom’ star purchased her own design instead of going to an online storefront like Etsy.


It didn’t take long for the owner of ‘Countrified Glitz’ to show the whole world that Chelsea DeBoer purchased something from her shop.

The video was uploaded to TikTok and it has amassed more than 70,000 views on the platform.


Karissa Jones (the owner of the shop) mentioned that she had no idea how Chelsea found her page but she was glad she did.

Her store mainly sells skulls that are ‘glitz and glam with a rustic twist’ and Chelsea seems to like things like that.

She even admitted to being “obsessed with skulls” a few years back.


Chelsea ended up purchasing a huge white skull that goes along well with her interior design.

The TikTok video

The proud owner of ‘Countrified Glitz’ posted the video to her TikTok channel where it went viral.



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