Chelsea DeBoer’s Court Encounter With Adam Lind Didn’t Go Too Well

Adam Lind is not officially communicating with the ex ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea DeBoer but if he wants to see his daughter – he has to.

Adam’s rights to his daughter


Unlike the case with his daughter Paislee, Adam hasn’t completely given up rights to Aubree.

Reportedly, the ‘Teen Mom’ dad still has the rights to visit his daughter under supervision, at a designated visitation (government) center.
As seen on ‘Teen Mom 2’, he didn’t show up to many of the appointments.

Adam’s mother (Aubree’s grandma) also has her grandchild over for one weekend of the month.

Encounter at court


When Chelsea and Adam met at their last court’s ruling, things didn’t work out too well, for Adam specifically.
Adam filed for custody rights to his daughter Aubree but he hasn’t been able to negotiate a proper deal.

The ‘Teen Mom’ fans think that Adam only filed for custody rights so he doesn’t have to continue paying for child support.

“…he went for custody because he wanted to lower or get rid of his child support payments. He’s a deadbeat who doesn’t want to pay Chelsea for Aubree,” a fan elaborated.

Adding that, “I’m glad he was never able to bully Chelsea into not filing for child support for Aubree.”