Chelsea Houska Is Now A Wife Of A Dutch Rapper, According To Google

The ex ‘Teen Mom’ star Chelsea Houska is now affiliated with a dutch rapper according to a Google search.


Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom’ days are over


In 2020, Chelsea announced that she would no longer be filming new episodes for MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’.

The decision comes as a result of being proactive in terms of her family’s privacy, as well as her daughter approaching teenage years.

Chelsea gets mistaken for someone else


“I googled the wife of a Dutch rapper and ummm,” a fan wrote on social media.

During their recent Google search, a ‘Teen Mom’ fan noticed that Chelsea Houska’s photo appeared alongside an inquiry about a Dutch rapper’s wife.


The rapper in question goes by the name of “Ali B” and Google apparently showed Chelsea’s photo when the search was made (in Dutch language).

Other fans quickly took notice of Google’s mistake and were writing things like: “I just did the same thing and it is definitely Chelsea.”

“Maybe Chelsea is living her best double life with a Dutch rapper,” another fan hilariously commented.