‘Child support no more’ Man Finishes Off His Last Payment In Style

Child support is one of the most frequent court-ordered financial transactions in the world. In The US, the average child support payment amounts to $430, according to supportpay.com.

A domestic dispute


By definition, a domestic dispute is a “verbal or physical altercation where police intervention is requested”, but not all types of disputes are domestic.

In a case of a married couple, they could be disputing over anything invoking their marital status.

Man finishes off his child support in style


A guy from Richmond, Virginia decided to put up a show for his wife over his last child support payment.
He definitely managed to get everyone’s attention even though it may not have been his goal.

He just probably wanted to say ‘cya’ in style.

“…it dumped out all the pennies on the street in front of our house,” the man’s daughter revealed.

When the wife confronted her husband about the whole trailer park show, he said: “it’s your final child support payment”, and that it sure is!


Reportedly, the number of coins man dumped amounts to 80,000 (precisely).