Chris Lopez Will Be Paid Handsomely To Appear in ‘Teen Mom 2’, Here’s How Much Exactly

The recent news of Chris Lopez finally joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ sent shockwaves across the ‘Teen Mom’ community, and some of the cast members were surprised as well.


That’s not to say Chris will be actively engaging with anyone, except for reunions.

Chris wasn’t welcome to join the series

At least when it comes to his ex-girlfriend, Kailyn Lowry. Reportedly, she was against MTV giving Chris the platform to express his thoughts and she even went to lengths to contacting the ‘Teen Mom’ producers about it.

None of that worked and Chris will definitely be making his ‘Teen Mom 2’ debut as early as the next season.

This is definitely exciting news.


Lopez’s salary was revealed in the latest roundup


The Ashley has managed to get some info on Chri’s salary for ‘Teen Mom 2’ and it’s quite an interesting read.

It’s no a surprise that Chris will be compensated for his appearances, especially after refusing to film the show for about a year or so.

It’s unclear if his biggest motivation was to tell a story of his own or to just collect the paycheck.

Either way, he’s getting paid $2,000 per episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and MTV is ensuring that their ratings only go up from here.