Cole DeBoer Slammed For Quitting Job Because His Wife Is A Millionaire

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple is no longer filming new episodes but they’ll forever remain a part of the show.


When did Cole start filming


Cole and Chelsea started dating back in 2015, and Cole was introduced on the show in 2016.
It was evident that Chelsea had found her ‘soulmate’ even right from the beginning.


Back in 2016, they were living in Chelsea’s South Dakota home along with her daughter Aubree.

Cole quit his job in 2019


In the earlier seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’, Cole was showcased as a hard-working man with a regular job.

But as time went on, he considered quitting his job to be around more for his wife and kids. Ultimately he decided that quitting his job is the right thing to do.

Earlier on, it was revealed that he used to be a ‘traffic control specialist’, whose salary was somewhere between $50k to $75 a year.


In 2019, it was revealed that Cole had quit his job to accommodate family needs.

‘Teen Mom’ fans discussed this decision on a popular reality TV forum, with some disagreeing with Cole’s decision.


“Do they not see that the end is near?” one fan remarked on the family’s finances.

But despite the fans thinking it wasn’t a good idea, they are proven to be wrong.
Chelsea and Cole are now both ‘influencers’ and likely make tens of thousands of dollars per month.