‘Dual Citizen’, ‘Teen Mom’ Star Confirms London Heritage

MTV has a fleet of tv shows based around the concept of ‘Teen Mom’ and some of them were even set in Great Britain.


MTV’s UK show


Most of what MTV does with its ‘Teen Mom’ series is centered around American towns and cast alike. The TV network didn’t really score big when it comes to the spin-offs they created in other countries.

MTV UK is running the British version of ‘Teen Mom’ and although people watch the show, it isn’t too popular.

The show is currently ongoing and there aren’t signs of planned cancellation.

‘Teen Mom’ star with dual citizenship


It’s rare for someone to have dual citizenship in comparison to the general population, but it definitely happens.
One of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars is also a ‘dual citizen’ as in he both has American and British citizenship.

This is possible under certain circumstances as the ‘Teen Mom’ star Bar Smith explains.


“I completely forgot that I went through an entire adoption and Visa process and became a British citizen, so I have dual citizenship,” he revealed.

“I moved to London when I was 15, I moved to Tudor, South London. I lived out there for two and a half years,” he continued.

Adding that, “I moved there with my godparents, they had already lived there for some years…”

Bar noted that he only remembered this cause his fiance Ashley Jones (Teen Mom 2) asked.