Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea DeBoer Slammed For Selling Jacket At A Hideous Price

Even though Chelsea DeBoer stopped filming for MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, the fans are still eager to see what’s going on in her life.


And nowadays, the best way to keep up with someone is through social media.

Chelsea’s history with MTV


Ever since Chelsea was selected to shoot for MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’, she instantly became a fan-favorite cast member.
After MTV vetted all the girls from ’16 & Pregnant’, they decided to continue filming with a select few, including Chelsea herself.

Chelsea and her daughter Aubree had good 11-something years on the show before saying goodbye.

Selling an expensive jacket online


The ex ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is nowadays a very successful influencer online. She’s followed by more than 6.3 million people on Instagram and regularly posts fashion items she’s happy with.

Of course, these ‘picks’ aren’t for fun only, influencers make money by recommending other people’s products.


There are many fans who are interested in shopping Chelsea’s select products but apparently only a few can actually afford them.

Chelsea’s ‘MAMA’ patch jacket was found online on ‘Laurie Belles’ and the fans weren’t too happy about its price tag.
The product’s description read: “this one is for all the mamas” and despite being priced at $57, it quickly sold out.

Fans took to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the product’s pricing.

“Chelsea has lost her damn mind. Almost $60 for this??” a fan wrote on Reddit.