Fans Call Out MTV For Continuing To Film With Amber Portwood

MTV is usually strict when it comes to inappropriate behavior from cast members of all ages and genders alike.


They do not tolerate behavior that’s harmful to others or endorse it, they have been that clear in the past.

But fans seem to think that MTV made an exception with one cast member.

Amber almost got fired from ‘Teen Mom: OG’


Amber Portwood almost got fired over the incident revolving around her & her ex-boyfriend’s relationship.
Andrew Glennon and Amber’s relationship eventually ended up in flames and there was quite a lot of controversy behind the story.


Amber’s behavior was deemed unacceptable by many of the fans that demanded her to be fired from the show.
Ultimately, MTV didn’t decide to stop filming and Amber is still an important part of ‘Teen Mom: OG’.

Calling out MTV


A fan decided to post an alarming message on Instagram calling out MTV in the process.

The photo was reposted on social media as some of the fans are still quite irritated that MTV let the incident slide by unnoticed.