Fans Thank Farrah Abraham For Not Having Any More Kids

Farrah Abraham joined ’16 & Pregnant’ when she carried her daughter Sophia and was readying to give birth at the time.


It wasn’t long before she became popular off of the show and her popularity kept rising for a decade straight.

Nowadays, the situation with kids hasn’t changed much as Farrah really didn’t give birth to any more children.

Fans thank Farrah for only having one child


It’s rare to see fans praising Farrah for anything she does but this time it was for something she hasn’t done.
As Farrah is already 30-years-old it’s highly unlikely that she will have another child.

The fans noticed that and wanted to thank the ex ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star for doing so.


A fan posted the following on Teen Mom’s subreddit: “Just thought about how wonderful it is that Farrah never had other kids.”

“It’s really great that Farrah hasn’t had additional children. Poor Farrah has real issues and there’s some sadness in that. Hearing stories about her parenting is infuriating and sickening. There’s a huge lack of regard,” the fan wrote out an extensive review of Farrah’s parenting skills.

“It’s sad when the bar is so low that we’re praising people for not having more kids,” another fan wrote.