‘Get a vasectomy’, Farrah Abraham Praised For Telling Off Khloe’s Ex-Boyfriend Tristan

The ex ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Farrah Abraham recently made a comment about Tristan Thompson.


Why isn’t she on ‘Teen Mom: OG’ anymore?


Farrah was last seen on MTV’s show back in 2018 when she filmed her last episodes. Before that, Farrah was considered to be an ‘OG’ star of the show, making six figures annually.


Apparently, she was fired due to concerns about her involvement within the adult industry.

Farrah’s comment about Tristan


When the news broke that Tristan was expecting another baby with an unknown woman, Farrah made a comment that fans deemed worthy of respect.

“Get a vasectomy womanizers,” she said in her Instagram story post.


Abraham is clearly referring to an article about Tristan being a ‘womanizer’.

Fans loved Farrah’s comment: “Farrah makes a valid point, Tristan could go get a vasectomy,” one fan wrote.

“I never thought this day would come! 100% agree” another fan said.

“She’s not wrong,” someone chimed in.