Handyman’ Cole DeBoer Is Very Handsy With The Tools, Here’s What He’s built So Far (Photos)

Chelsea met her now-husband cole all the way back in 2015. Apparently, they met at a gas station and there’s even a ‘Teen Mom’ special called ‘gas loving’.

Although the couple is no longer actively filming for the show, they still remain active on social media.

Chelsea’s beautiful home


Chelsea and Cole moved their family to a new home in late 2020 and it’s looking to be their best one yet. The couple went through multiple properties over the past years but this could be their ‘forever home’.

The South Dakota home was custom built by a local construction company and Cole & Chelsea had a say in every step of the process.

Cole DIY skills


Being raised in a rural part of the country, Cole himself is a ‘jack of all trades’. Meaning that the man can really do it all.
Crafting up new things, housework, cooking, you name it.

Cole’s wife Chelsea has admiration for that type of stuff as she proudly posted a photo of the ‘handyman’ in action.
“…helping me out with stuff around the house and Aubs was pumped that he fixed her swingset,” Chelsea said.