‘Hilarious AF,’ Gary’s Face Amid Talks With Amber Says It All (Video)

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Gary Shirley recently sat down with his ex-girlfriend Amber to talk about their relationship.


Gary and Amber’s past


Both Gary and Amber are ‘Teen Mom’ franchise veterans. Their first recorded TV appearance presumably happened on MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ as they were a couple back then.


Their relationship resulted in them having a child together, a daughter called Leah.

Today, Amber is single and Gary is married to his wife Kristina, but he also remains friendly with his ex-girlfriend.

Gary’s reaction during a recent sitdown


Amber and Gary were recently summoned for a conversation session with each other. The whole thing was organized by MTV as they talked about their current issues & future.


“Amber’s been taking the steps to mend her relationship with Leah. She sat down with Gary to open up about therapy, mental health, and her next steps!” the video’s description reads.

‘Teen Mom’ fans noticed there’s something oddly funny about the way Gary was positioning his face during the talks.

“This will never not be funny,” a fan wrote on social media.

“Kinda reminds me of Ghostbusters,” someone chimed in.