Hilarious Google Mistake Lists Amber Portwood As Something She Isn’t

In the age of algorithms dictating what we see online mistakes can and do happen but there’s a brighter side to it all.


Sometimes the algorithms pick up on the slightest bits of information from various sources and they can get twisted in many hilarious ways.

This happened with the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Amber Portwood and it’s truly hilarious.

Amber’s new profession per Google


Fans picked up on Google’s new list update for the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star and it was indeed laughable.

Google was spotted listing Amber’s profession as ‘Criminal’ and a ‘TV personality and fans immediately shared the photo on social media.


The post got over 1,200 upvotes on Reddit and fans didn’t miss out on the opportunity to make it into a joke.

“I am DYINGGGG this is so perfect,” a fan wrote.

“She legitimately feels like an og gangster,” someone wrote.

The mistake has been corrected now but it was quite amusing for the fans while it lasted.