‘Homeless’ Amber Portwood Has Lost Rights To Live In Her Lakeside Indiana Home (Photos)

Things aren’t easy for the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Amber Portwood. She’s currently involved in a custody battle with ex Andrew over the rights for their son James, but she’s trying to manage it all.

Amber’s update


Amber has recently talked to the press about her relationship with daughter Leah. She mentioned that although things aren’t great at the moment, she hopes to re-establish communication.

In April, Amber has announced her plans to live a healthier lifestyle, thanks to her diet routine.


“If everything goes right with my health kick/diet, in 3 months, I’ll look like this again,” she posted on Instagram.

Amber’s housing situation


The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star is not currently living in her Indiana home. This has everything to do with how her relationship with Andrew has regressed.

Amber stated that she didn’t want to mess up her son’s living routine so she decided to give up the home.

“…I wanted to do what was best for our son and didn’t want to disrupt his routine,” she stated.


At the same time, Amber’s ex Andrew is living in the exact same home with their son James.

Reportedly, Amber is now living in a rental property not too far away from her home.

Portwood purchased her Indiana home back in 2018, it features a large backyard area with a wooden deck.