‘I Don’t Like You’, ‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Maci Slams Her Husband Taylor

Maci has been a longtime cast member of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ and she continues to draw interest in her segments of the show.


Maci and Taylor’s focus


It’s apparent that MTV cares a lot about its cast members, especially the ones that are considered ‘main attractions’.
So it’s definitely within their interest to keep them happy, and they did.


They did so by increasing their salaries that now approach more than $500,000 per season and by also listening to their feedback.

Maci slams her husband


It’s not often that Maci has issues with her husband Taylor, at least not on camera.

This time around, it wasn’t a personal issue with Taylor that got Maci upset, it was something else completely.

Maci was upset at Taylor because he didn’t pick up the kids from school. Apparently, Maci was sick the day it happened and Taylor asked Maci’s friend to pick the kids up from school.


“You and I both take a lot of pride in showing up for our kids, being there for our kids, no matter what,” she said of the situation.

“I know for a fact that if the roles were reversed and I did that you would be so mad at me,” she explained.

Taylor didn’t seem distressed by Maci’s argument as he was just trying to ‘take some stress off’ of his wife.

The fans picked up on Maci’s argument and said that she’s overreacting. “She complains too much he didn’t do anything wrong,” a fan wrote on social media.