‘I love you’, Briana DeJesus Provides Update On Her Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Devoin

The relationship between Briana and her ex-boyfriend hasn’t always been steady, but it seems like things are improving.


Devoin’s ‘Teen Mom’ appearances


Briana’s ex-boyfriend is now frequently featured on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’. His last appearance happened at the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ back in California.


He was presumably invited there by his ex to work out any remaining issues between them.

Briana updates fans on the relationship


Briana is very active on Twitter as she tweets almost daily updates to her followers. Her latest update was promptly picked up by fans because she discussed the relationship with Devoin.

“I love you and I care about u so much,” Briana tweeted out.


“..I appreciate everything u have ever done for Nova and Stella,” she added.

Fans took notice of the latest update and had thoughts of their own.

“Someone’s in their feelings tonight,” a fan commented.

“I’m glad Devoin is finally getting his stuff together,” another fan said.