Jenelle and David’s New ‘Mukbang’ Video Has Fans Shivering (Video)

The ex ‘Teen Mom’ couple Jenelle and David Eason aren’t longer filming for the show but they’re still present on social media.


Jenelle’s channel


After being fired from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, Jenelle resorted to making her own content.

She now runs a successful YouTube channel with over 228,000 subscribers.

Jenelle seems to upload at least one video every week or two.
Her most viewed video has over 800,000 views.

Jenelle’s recent ‘Mukbang’

In case you haven’t heard of it, ‘Mukbang’ is when people film themselves eating food with discrete sounds captured within the video.


The Evans couple also decided to film their own ‘mukbang’ and it resulted in somewhat mixed reactions.

“This felt like a really awkward dinner with people you just met,” one fan commented on social media.

“I only made it like 1 minute in,” someone commented.