Jenelle Evans Slammed For Taking Over Son’s Christmas Present

The ex ‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans recently gave a present to her son Jace but it seems like she’s using it instead.


Jenelle’s Twitch channel


Jenelle started a gaming channel on Twitch a few years back but she started streaming on it just recently.
She’s mostly seen playing the ‘Bingo Blitz’ game and has over 2,000 followers on the platform.


She also plays the popular VR game ‘Beat Saber’.

Jenelle’s VR headset


In a recently shared video on social media, Jenelle is seen supposedly playing with her son’s VR headset.
She gifted it to Jace back in December last year, on Christmas morning.

Fans noticed that Jenelle could be ‘taking over’ the gift from her son, in a way.
This could mean that he’s not allowed to bring it with him when he’s not at Jenelle’s place.


“I thought Jace opened this for Christmas?” one fan commented.

“Didn’t she give that to Jace for Christmas?” another fan wrote.

How does she stand all day..” someone chimed in.

Jenelle reflected on some of the comments saying that there are two headsets.