Kailyn Lowry’s Reaction To Chris Lopez Joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ Is Priceless

It’s been more than two years since Kailyn Lowry has broken up with her baby daddy Chris Lopez, but the two still have to communicate for their children’s sake.


Everyone that watches the show knows that the two aren’t always on best terms, but now the situation gets even more interesting – Chris is finally joining the show.

Chris will appear in the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’


The ongoing season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ doesn’t feature Kailyn’s ex-boyfriend but the new one sure will.

Apparently, Chris has already signed the agreement to join MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ in hopes of telling his side of the story.

The biggest motivator possibly being telling his side of the story and of course the inevitable compensation he may receive for the appearances.

Chris Lopez is the latest in line to join the ranks of ‘Teen Mom’ dads as the fans call them.


Kailyn’s reaction is priceless


According to The Ashley, Kailyn wasn’t happy with the latest development.

In fact, she was quite disappointed by the news as it’s been reported that she found it disrespectful of the ‘Teen Mom’ producers to even offer him the platform.

Either way, MTV is in the money business and drama sells.

This wouldn’t be the first time MTV hired someone to ‘shake up’ the things, as ratings have been down as of lately a clear way to boost them would be to ramp up the drama.