‘Love them’, ‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Amber Portwood Accused Of Making Daughter Jealous With New Photo Of Her Nephews

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Amber Portwood is currently struggling to make contact with her daughter.


Amber and Leah’s relationship


During the recent ‘Teen Mom: OG’ episodes, Amber was seen trying her best in order to contact her daughter Leah through her dad Gary.


Those efforts appeared to be mostly negated by Amber’s daughter herself, who didn’t want to be a part of the conversation.

Amber has stated on multiple occasions that this type of behavior affects her ‘deeply’. The 31-year-old mom is unable to speak directly to her daughter because Leah isn’t having it just yet.

Amber’s photo with nephews sparks debate


Portwood recently posted a candid photo with her nephews whom she adores. The photo although candid sparked a debate whether or not Amber is ‘using’ her nephews to attract her daughter’s attention.

“The love me and my nephews have is like we never parted,” the star mentions in her caption.


“I wonder how Leah feels seeing this,” a fan commented on social media.

“Bet she posted this hoping to bother Leah,” another fan wrote.

“This reads like a scorned ex lover trying to make the guy who dumped them “jealous” by taking photos with new guys,” someone chimed in.

“…feel like just because she doesn’t get along with her own kid like a normal mom doesn’t mean she can’t love other kids in her family,” a fan defended Amber.