Maci Bookout Reveals She Will Adopt A Child Instead Of Having More

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Maci Bookout currently has two biological children with her husband.


Will Maci have more kids?


When Maci and Taylor got married back in 2016, they presumably agreed on having two children together.
This was later manifested with them having a son called Maverick and a girl called Jayde.

Besides the two kids, Maci shares with Taylor, her eldest son Bentley is also living with them.
Maci and Taylor still appear unsure about the decision to have more children.

Is Maci adopting a child instead?


In an interview with Us Weekly, the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star opened up about an alternative way of expanding her family.


“We’ve always both had that in our minds,” Maci said of the whole idea.

“Obviously right now is not the time,” she said back in 2021.

Adding that, “..we are both definitely still interested and would welcome that in our future.