Mackenzie Edwards Blasts Maci, ‘You’re Using Kids For Money’

Mackenzie and her husband Ryan Edwards have left the show for good. Now, there’s just Maci and her close family that remain to film in Tennessee.


Mackenzie’s relationship with Maci


The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ stars have tried to build a relationship throughout the years but seemingly failed at the task.
Mackenzie and Maci had a ‘sitdown’ all the way back in 2017 when they tried to sort out family issues.

That worked for a while until things fell apart again.

Mackenzie’s accusation


The ex ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star accused Maci of using her kids as means of income. In other words, she’s saying that Maci is only making her money because of the kids being filmed.


While that may sound accurate, in all truth, the show is centered mostly on moms handling the kids and not the other way around.

But regardless, Ryan’s wife claims that: “…God’s honest truth, they’ll use their own children to make a buck and I’m not cool with that,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

She was obviously referring to Maci & Taylor, and possibly other ‘Teen Mom’ couples as well.