‘Nutcracker’, Farrah’s Mom Debra Gets Freaky With A Still Figure (Video)

Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen has a strong social media presence and it really shows.


Did Farrah quit ‘Teen Mom’?


Back in 2017, into early 2018, it was revealed that Farrah would no longer be a part of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’.


Those that followed Farrah’s life closely had an idea why it all happened, but many fans were left blindsided.

Even though she was a part of the series for almost ten years at that point, she still wasn’t able to continue filming.

It seems like Farrah’s involvement with the ‘adult’ industry ultimately led to her being fired from the show.


When she was still filming episodes, Farrah would sometimes co-opt with her mom Debra and show interesting things happening in their lives.

Debra dances off


Although she no longer appears on television, Farrah’s mom Debra has plenty of followers on social media.
On Instagram, she’s followed by 80,000 people.

She recently posted a Christmas special video where she dances off with the still figure known as ‘nutcracker’.

Some fans loved the video while others commented things like, “At what point did she get this far gone yall,” a fan wrote.

“No one wants that,” another commented.