Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards ‘Teen Mom: OG’ Salaries Revealed, See How Much They Were Making

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’ just aired new episodes but you won’t be seeing much more of one specific couple.
It’s not unusual for MTV to cut ties with estranged cast members after incidents or disagreements.


Mackenzie and Ryan’s history


After separating from his ex-girlfriend Maci, Ryan was single for a period of time and then he finally met his current-day wife.
Mackenzie was first introduced to ‘Teen Mom: OG’ in late 2016, confirming her status as Ryan’s girlfriend.

The couple got married in May 2017 and the segment was also showcased on MTV’s show.

They officially stepped down from filming ‘Teen Mom: OG’ earlier this year after disagreements with the network.

Mackenzie posted the following photo to her Instagram:


Their ‘Teen Mom: OG’ salaries


With more and more cast salaries being revealed online (unofficially), it was only a matter of time when Ryan and Mackenzie’s salaries would also see the light of the day.

Their salary for appearances on the show was in line with other cast salaries, this means that they were getting paid up to $25,000 per episode, each.

Furthermore, this translates to a seasonal salary of about $350,000 or possibly even more.

Now that the couple has stopped filming it means that they will no longer receive any compensation for MTV, even though they appear in the new season (for certain bits).