Ryan’s Wife Mackenzie Looks Unrecognizable After Being Fired From The Show (Photo)

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ couple Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards are no longer filming new episodes for the show.


Fired or left?


There have been discussions before on whether or not Mackenzie and Ryan left willingly or they were fired by the network.

They’ve once issued a statement on this, “Nothing happened, literally, nothing,” Mackenzie told in an interview.

“Maci’s agent went above their heads and went to Viacom and said that they wanted to focus on all of Maci’s abilities and whatever she does and that we took up the time on the show that she could be using to show all that;” she elaborated.


It seems like the couple wasn’t outright fired by they were ‘pushed aside’ to make room for Maci’s upcoming segments.

Apparently, the couple didn’t want to enter into that type of agreement so they walked away.

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