Someone Called Out Kailyn Lowry For Having Too Many Kids, This Was Her Response

Kailyn’s family kept getting bigger and bigger throughout the seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and now it’s as big as ever.


Although Kailyn is a single mother, she manages her boys quite well actually!

Kailyn’s ‘little’ family


The most recent addition to Kailyn’s brood happened when Kailyn gave birth to her fourth son, Creed.
Kailyn’s previous son Lux Russel and Creed share the same father, Chris Lopez.

Up until recently, Chris was reluctant to film for MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, but now he’s officially joining the series.
It’s unclear if Kailyn plans for having more kids, but things could change at any moment.


Too many kids?!


A family of four can definitely be considered ‘huge’ in today’s terms, but there are even bigger families in the US.
Someone called out Kailyn for having ‘one too many’ kids on her Instagram page and she had a perfect response for it all.

“You know absolutely nothing about my life. Kindly focus on your own child and sit the f**k down,” she replied to the fan in question.