‘Something she can’t forget’, Javi’s Surprise For Kailyn On Their Wedding Day Was Something Else

The ‘Teen Mom’ couple Javi and Kailyn were once married.


Javi and Kailyn’s relationship


Javi met Kailyn while she was working at a local shopping mall, more than a decade ago.
Reportedly, Javi met up with Kailyn multiple times before she finally gave him her number.


They were already dating back in 2012 and it didn’t take long for them to get engaged & married. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long as they parted ways in 2016.

Javi’s gift to Kailyn


A photo recently surfaced on social media showing off Javi’s romantic present for Kailyn, on their wedding day.

“How did I forget about Javi’s romantic wedding day surprise,” a fan wrote on social media alongside the photos.


Apparently, Javi gifted Kailyn a ‘romantic shoe’ with the backplate being written all over it.

Javi said: “You’ve made all my dreams come true. I hope today is as special as you. I love you to infinity & beyond.”

Fans loved Javi’s thoughtfulness on the idea, “I’m a simp and I actually thought this was super sweet.”

“This is so perfectly Javi, and Kail’s reaction is so perfectly Kail. I love it,” another fan wrote.