‘Surprise,’ Chelsea DeBoer Just Got A New Sister (Photo)

Despite Chelsea DeBoer no longer being featured on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, the fans are still invested in her life.


Chelsea’s big family


Chelsea comes from a pretty big family with lots of siblings.

She doesn’t post photos of her extended family very often, but when she does they’re joyful to look at.

The ex ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has three biological sisters from her father Randy’s marriage with her mom Mary.

Their names are Melissa, Angie, and Emily.

Chelsea is the youngest of the bunch.

A new sister?


Chelsea’s biological parents Randy and Mary got divorced when she and her sisters were very young, but they still remained friendly throughout the years.

Now that everyone is all grown up, Chelsea’s got even more siblings!

The 30-year-old mom was recently pictured with her influencer friends and one of them turned out to be her sister.


‘Teen Mom’ fans were wondering who’s designing Chelsea’s new shirt and it was revealed to be designed by Chelsea Grace.


Grace aka ‘Belinda’ has appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ before but the fans have been confused by her identity.

A ‘Teen Mom’ expert waged in that she’s Chelsea’s stepsister from Randy’s wife’s side. (Rita’s daughter.)

It turns out, the ‘expert’ was wrong and fans slammed the statement on Reddit.

“This is such a weird thing to claim,” one fan said.

“Chelsea commented on this and said it wasn’t true,” a fan noted.

Although Belinda isn’t Chelsea’s stepsister, she has plenty of reasons to be happy with her siblings.