‘Teen Mom’ Audition Tapes Are Irresistible Not To Watch (Video)

The ‘Teen Mom’ franchise started way back in 2009, and some of the cast still remains to this day.


How did MTV cast the girls?


Back in 2009, MTV was looking for convenient ways to cast girls with interesting stories to tell. Instead of going to the usual agency routine, they did something different.


Apparently, MTV used craigslist for their casting call and it turned out great for them.

Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell were cast exactly this way.

‘Teen Mom’ tapes from the past


MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ definitely has a rich history worth looking back to.


Getting to know Maci

Maci’s ‘getting to know’ episode was filmed as a part of a special started by MTV to show the behind-the-scenes look of the cast.

Amber’s special

Amber revisited her ’16 & Pregnant’ casting tape in this special episode.

Chelsea’s special

In this episode, Chelsea is seen moving out of her house and it’s a rare sighting to Chelsea’s early days of ‘Teen Mom’.