‘Teen Mom’ Fans Demand Chelsea DeBoer Writes A Memoir

The ex ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea DeBoer (formerly Houska) is very well known thanks to her decade-long TV appearances.


Chelsea’s ‘Teen Mom’ beginnings


In the beginning, Chelsea was only a small part of the franchise as she was cast for MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’.
She wasn’t expecting to become as famous as she is today but she still did.

Thanks to her humble beginnings, Chelsea also helped many others along her journey.

Fans desire a memoir by Chelsea


As she stepped out of one relationship that ‘hurt her badly’, Chelsea found herself struggling to heal up.

But thanks to the continued support of her family and friends as well as finding inner peace, Chelsea managed to pull through.


Chelsea and her father Randy noted that they still receive ‘thank you’ letters from fans struggling to exit similar situations.

This could be a part of the reason why ‘Teen Mom’ fans write Chelsea to write a book herself.
Describing her experiences in a book format might help reach even more people.

“I would actually die/definitely read it..” one fan said of the idea.

“I would buy her book upon reading reviews. I like her story enough to find her teenage years interesting. If the reviews said it was all fluff I would not bother,” another fan wrote.