‘Teen Mom’ Fans Notice Something Is Off About Catelynn & Tyler’s Octagon Home (Photo)

Catelynn and Tyler now live on a farm based in Michigan and life is apparently blissful there.

Catelynn & Tyler’s farmhome


When the ‘Teen Mom: OG’ couple purchased the ‘octagon’ house based in Michigan, they already knew what they were getting. Reportedly, the house is a ‘relic of the past’ as it’s been around for a long time, since 1869.

Although the house wasn’t in ‘ready to move in’ condition, the couple was highly satisfied with their purchase.

In order to become a long-lasting home, the house underwent renovations in 2018 and was finally fit to live in.


The shape of the home is off


A fan recently posted a photo of Catelynn & Tyler’s home on Reddit, where it was discussed that the home is reminiscent of something.

You can probably make an educated guess of what exactly the home reminded the fans of.

“This is a really strange house even without the deck,” a fan commented.