‘Teen Mom’ Is Surprisingly Popular In This Third World Country

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ is mainly a US-based franchise as it all started right there. The exact reach of MTV’s popular TV show worldwide is unknown, but there have been multiple attempts by MTV to produce a successful local version of the hit show.


Almost all of which have failed to succeed in long term.

Some of the more known spin-offs include: ‘Teen Mum’ (UK), ‘Teen Mom Australia’ (AU), and ‘Teen Mom 3’ (US).

Where is ‘Teen Mom’ most watched?


The obvious answer to this question would be the US since the show originates from this country. While that answer is undoubtedly correct, a better question would be which parts of the US?

A New York Times study conducted in 2016, sampled 50 TV shows that are most popular on Facebook and found out that that ‘Teen Mom’ is most popular in rural areas, in particular – Kentucky.

The study also revealed that ‘Teen Mom’ isn’t popular in big US cities such as New York.


Surprising popularity in this country


MTV’s show is undeniably popular in countries like the US, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, but what about other parts of the world?

A surprising data point shows that the American show is also popular in South Africa, particularly in Congo.

Parrot Analytics

A website called Parrot Analytics samples data from all the shows in South Africa and found that MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ was highly in demand from viewers.

In fact, it’s a top-ranked show that is more popular than 97% of all reality TV shows in South Africa.

The show’s popularity can be attributed to South Africa’s problem of teenage pregnancies.