‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Slams Co-star Mackenzie McKee, ‘We’re Not Friends’

Throughout its course of running for more than 10 years, MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise has spawned numerous friendships as well as adversaries.


The moms that found themselves in the same situation became friends while the others who couldn’t get along ended up as adversaries or just showed plain indifference to the rest of the cast.

Cheyenne and Mackenzie’s time on the show


Both Cheyenne and Mackenzie technically aren’t ‘OG’ stars of the show, as in ‘original girls’.

This term was specially coined for the girls that first appeared in ’16 & Pregnant’ and continued filming for MTV’s succeeding shows, like ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’.

Cheyenne is criticized for not even being a ‘Teen Mom’ let alone being a part of the original crew.

On the other hand, Mackenzie has previously starred in MTV’s show called ‘Teen Mom 3’ but had to be moved because the show failed to spark interest amongst fans.


A dispute among the stars

Social Media caught on fire as the two ‘Teen Mom’ stars collided over their world-views with Cheyenne being the one dictating the outcome.

The issue appears to be sourced from one of Mackenzie’s previous tweets online.

Cheyenne elaborated on this by posting an Instagram story after it was revealed that she didn’t want to do anything with her co-star at the recent reunion.


Mackenzie claimed that her ‘feelings were hurt’ as to how she was left out in the recent reunion after Cheyenne was pictured with the other moms saying ‘my faves’.