‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Cory Wharton Announces His Life Changing Decision

Cory Wharton books regular appearances on ‘Teen Mom: OG’ thanks to being romantically involved with a ‘Teen Mom’ girl.


Cory’s relationship with Cheyenne


Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd met while filming MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ back in 2016. They didn’t know each other prior to appearing on the show and the romance kicked off swiftly.

When Cheyenne found out she was pregnant the couple was surprised – needless to say.

They decided to proceed with the pregnancy and Cheyenne gave birth to their daughter Ryder in April 2017.

The couple didn’t stick together for long, as they split ways in 2019.


Cory announces big decision


The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star took to Instagram in order to announce his newest resolution. He’s stepping down from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ and focusing on his life.

” I just remember picking up that dandelion with Ryder and asking, OK now we have to blow on it and make a wish. I just remember Ryder blowing on it and her saying “ I hope you don’t go back on the challenge”. And really at that moment I knew that I needed to take a break from the show,” he explained.

“If my little four-year-old is sitting there telling me daddy I don’t want you to go and my other one-year-old could barely even recognize me when I came home from double agents that’s a sign,” he added.

It’s unclear if this is a permanent decision or as he outlines in the post, ‘a break’ from the show.