‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Kristina Shirley Says Her Husband Is Neglecting Her

Gary and his wife Kristina have been together for a couple of years now but things appear to get ‘fuzzy’ at times.


How did Gary and Kristina start dating?


Gary started dating his then-girlfriend Kristina back in 2014. Their relationship wasn’t made public until their 1-year anniversary as a couple.
Kristina was 32 when she dated Gary and at the time Gary had got her a ‘promise ring’.

It wasn’t until 2015 that things got serious. Kristina gave birth to their daughter Emilee in April 2015.

“I wanted 2 wait to have another, but plans changed and I’m very happy! I really appreciate all who understand,” Gary revelaed at the time.

Kristina is put on a ‘backburner’


In the most recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom: OG’, Gary expressed the need to go to therapy with his ex Amber.
That, of course, didn’t comfort his wife Kristina.


“…once again I get put on the back burner,” she said of the situation.

The fans had strong opinions about the matter, writing things like “Normally I’m all Team Gary/Kristina, but WTF!!”

“Kristina has been such a good stepmom to Leah and they have given Amber a lot of chances. She has every right to be upset,” a fan wrote.