‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Maci Bookout Slammed For Being Intoxicated On A Date With Husband

Maci and her husband Taylor have been together for over 5 years, and their relationship seems to be loving along the way.


Maci’s TV privilege


Ever since Maci & Taylor’s counterparts got fired, they are the ones with the most runtime now.
This means that MTV gets to capture previously unseen moments and show more of their everyday life in general.

Maci revealed that she wants to do more with her segments on the show, and MTV seems to be supporting the idea.

Dinner date goes wrong?


During a recent ‘Teen Mom: OG’ episode broadcast, Maci was spotted getting dinner with her husband Taylor.


Midway through the dinner, Maci appeared to be ‘intoxicated’ or ‘sleepy’ and fans were the first ones to notice.

“I think Maci is mean drunk,” a fan said of Maci’s behavior during the dinner.

“Maci’s obviously drunk, and rebuffing every positive thing Taylor tries to say about their relationship,” someone chimed in.