‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Has A Really Expensive Hobby (Photo)

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ couple Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards recently quit the show.


When did Ryan and Mackenzie quit?


There have been rumors of the couple quitting even a year ago, but not things are certain. Ryan and Mackenzie quit the show due to being placed lower on the filming hierarchy.

In translation this would mean that they weren’t going to get any decent slots when filming the show, this was cited as one of the main reasons.

Ryan also expressed his opinion in regards to the producers of the show, saying that they took something off his property while filming.

Ryan’s expensive hobby


Thanks to no longer being required to film new episodes for the show, Ryan can now enjoy his hobby to the fullest.
Apparently, Ryan is somewhat of a car collector as he bought a 69′ Camaro not so long ago.


There’s a photo on social media indicating that he paid $59,000 for the car.

Fans discussed the likeability that this wasn’t Ryan in the photo, with one saying that the star himself proved it on social media.

“For people saying that’s not him, Ryan posted it to his IG that he bought this car.”

Other fans were wondering how he had the $59k required to buy the car, but Ryan was still filming ‘Teen Mom: OG’ at the time (2018).