‘Teen Mom: OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Gets Dragged For His ‘Hot Girls’ Comment

A new season of ‘Teen Mom: OG’ recently premiered and fans were excited to see the cast back in action.

Tyler and Catelynn’s relationship


Although they’ve been through their fair share of ups & downs, Catelynn & Tyler decided to stay together. At one point in their relationship, Tyler was close to ‘pulling the trigger’ and dating other women, but he decided not to.

The couple recently welcomed their fourth child together, a daughter named ‘Rya Rose’.

It’s unclear if the couple will have any more children after the last one, but they’ve given hints that it’s their final one.

Tyler’s comment


In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom: OG’, Tyler slipped when talking to his guy friend and discussed moving to Texas because the girls are “hot” there.

The conversation went something like this: Friend: ‘All the girls in Texas are so much hotter’, Tyler: ‘We should just move to Texas’.

Many of the fans deemed Tyler’s words to be disrespectful, especially since his wife was pregnant and expecting anytime soon.

This definitely wasn’t Tyler’s brightest moment thus far on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom: OG’.