‘Teen Mom’ Star Adam Lind Calls David Eason ‘UBT’, Here’s What It Means

Adam Lind and David Eason have gotten along pretty well in the days of filming together. Although the dads are no longer filming for MTV, their legacy remains.

Adam and David’s time on TV

Both Adam Lind and David Eason appeared in more than a few episodes of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’. The dads haven’t been featured on any other MTV shows, except for ‘TM2’.

During their time on the show, they tried to tell stories from their own perspectives, often contrary to their female counterparts.

This was especially true for Adam Lind, as he tried to fend off any ‘bad news’ or accusations coming his way. Adam has always claimed that MTV tried to make him ‘look bad’ and that he wasn’t buying it.

As for David, he got fired over an incident involving a family pet.

Adam’s hilarious stage name for David

At one of the previous ‘Teen Mom’ reunions, the dads were each asked to come up with stage names and it was hilarious!

David Eason decided to call himself ‘Uncle Dave’ but Adam Lind stopped him right there.

After the reunion, on Instagram, Adam came up with an alternative stage name for David and it was: ‘Uncle Bad Touch’.