‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Reveals Her Intimate Life Details

The ‘Teen Mom: OG’ star Amber Portwood keeps on surprising ‘Teen Mom’ fans with her life & endeavors.


Amber’s past


Amber’s past life has been well-documented thanks to her appearances on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’. It all started when she first signed up for MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ back in 2009.

Ever since then, Amber’s private life has been displayed publicly and this sometimes leads to extensive criticism.

Amber reveals spicy details about her life

Although Amber wasn’t always keen on sharing details about her private life, she’s recently opened up more than ever before.

Per her latest book, Amber admitted to having more than 40+ partners (men and women) and indulging in intercourse over 4 times a day.

Fans reacted in so many different ways to the news.


“Oh no Gary will be at her front door in no time,” one fan wrote.

“Not surprising considering her Borderline,” another fan commented.

“I’m surprised it’s that low..” someone chimed in.

You can read more about Amber’s intimate life on The Ashley’s Roundup.