‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry’s Colorblind Son Does ‘Skittles Challenge’

Kailyn Lowry’s presence on social media is surely noticed by her huge fanbase.


A Modern mom


Ever since she became a ‘Teen Mom’ celebrity, Kailyn is known to keep up with the latest trends and she even runs her own podcast, ‘Coffee & Convos’.


Since she has over 4 million followers on Instagram, she’s able to charge thousands of dollars for a single post promoting products online.

Kailyn is definitely a modern-era influencer and a mom alike.

‘Skittles challenge’


The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star recently posted a video of her son doing the ‘Skittles challenge’.

But the real challenge was her son’s ability to differ from the vast array of skittles.


Since he’s ‘colorblind’, he can’t easily discern between the colors presented.

“Linc is color deficient & wanted to do the skittles challenge,” the mom captioned the video.

“…color blind? I’ve never heard of it being referred to as color deficient,” one fan commented on the video.

“Some people need to see the world without color. Linc has a super power,” another fan said.